Accura v6.02 - Official release

We're pleased to announce the release of v602 which has a collection of fixes, enhancements and new features.

Notable Accura features:

  • # More flexible product ownership - manage from offices

  • # CRM Profile now includes products tab to show CSRs/Reps owned products

  • # Material/product favourites- assign favourites for quick-access.

  • # Quick email rep/csr button from quote/order screens

  • # Notepad standards now use phrase library

  • # Quick-costing - automatically post entries for un-costed items e.g. missed materials, ink, plates/film, or outwork

  • # Invoice item-types - normal, postage, shipping (enables segregation on invoice layout)

Notable AccuraOnline features/changes:

  • # Improved minimalist mobile-responsive checkout & basket

  • # Size filters now use common-names (Letter, A4 etc.)

  • # New eDocBuilder UI - with moden neutral CSS theme

  • # eDocBuilder now mobile responsive

  • # New Inbound XML Toolkit v4 available to purchase

  • # Standard rejection phrases in web console

New features guide can be found here:

This is a FREE upgrade for support-contract holders.

Watch the feature compilation video here:

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