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Antony Adler - Co-Director

Staple Inn Buildings South



Installed: June 2008

What was the situation before Accura was installed?

We used an old bespoke system that was good in its day but was becoming terribly outdated. We needed something that would help us stand out from our rivals and allow us to concentrate on our products rather than suffering administration nightmares that had become the norm.

Why did you start looking for an MIS System?

We were losing track of jobs, had trouble retrieving historical information, we were falling behind the times. 

What prompted you to look at Accura?

I did look at a number of other systems but as soon as I saw Accura I knew it was the one for me. It had great depth to it whilst still seeming much friendlier and instantly accessible. What made you ultimately decide to install Accura? I was really impressed with the customer service by all the staff at DDS which left me feeling that the transition would be less scary than I had begun to imagine it would be.

What affect has installing Accura had on your business?

Accura has become a vital tool in moving us onwards in these difficult times. It’s taken a central role giving us the confidence that we can present ourselves in a highly professional manner. I know that at any stage of the process from initial sales work to final invoicing my information is accurate and its presentation appealing. It’s also fun to wait for the next update, and whilst the userbase is big enough to know the system will be around for many years to come, there’s still a feeling that I’m close enough to the developers that if I have a good idea, there’s a chance for it to be implemented - something I never imagined could happen with other products/companies I spoke to.

Would you recommend Accura to other printers?

I truly believe it’s streets ahead of the competition and would highly recommend it to any company.

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