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Simon Scott

Simon Scott - Marketing Manager

1 Glaisdale Point,

Glaisdale Parkway, Nottingham



Installed: June 2015

Why did you install AccuraOnline web-to-print?

We had identified several customers that were ordering repeat print every couple of months and wanted to streamline the process for both sides. The short run quick turnaround nature also fitted in well with our capacity and could be easily incorporated into our day-to-day operations.

Why other web-to-print systems did you view?

We had been using Catfish from Infigo however it didn’t really deliver what we had initially set out to achieve.

Why did you opt for the AccuraOnline solution?

We already use Accura MIS and had looked at Accura Online some 3/5 years previously. We were pleasantly surprised at the changes & functionality that had been introduced along with the improved user experience.

How important do you think integration with the MIS is?

For us it has helped streamline the order processing, invoice & delivery elements as part of an automated process. It also helps us transition existing customers to a W2P portal once initial requirements for their repeat print is established. Using the MIS integration also allows us to identify potential products for customers that could sit on Accura Online for them.

What benefits has having web-to-print brought you?

We have been able to move several clients onto an online ordering platform for their regular repeat print.  It has also added an extra service we can take to potential new clients enhancing our overall offer as a business. The automated processing has improved our turnaround times ensuring our customers receive their items quicker


Has the return on investment been achieved?

As a current user of the Accura MIS the additional cost of Accura online was not a huge expense for us, the time and costs saved in processing online orders has more than covered the additional costs involved and freed up staff to concentrate on other areas of the business.

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