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Andy Pond - Managing Director


16 The Candlemakers

Temple Farm Business Park




Installed: March 2015

Why did you want to install web-to-print?


We installed the Accura Web-to-Print solution in 2015 due to demand from our clients. Initially there were a few high-profile clients who had previously used us for online orders of stationery and business cards. Being able to service these clients with Accura Online and Edoc VDP engine was crucial to continuing some large contracts.


However, Formara also saw the potential of print-on-demand and stock-controlled products using Accura online. This was an area which had been discussed with several existing and potential clients as they outsourced storage and warehousing to reduce their facilities costs.

Why did you opt for the Accura online/Edoc web-to-print engine?

Formara previously had a web-to-print solution which worked hand in hand with our pre-press workflow. The functionality of that solution included online proofing, variable data products and print-on-demand. However, costs for maintenance and support on the software were increasing and the real bottleneck in our business was within our customer service team rather than prepress. The CST were struggling to keep up with the demands of raising paperwork for production of online and offline orders.

How important do you think integration with the MIS is?

Using Accura MIS integrated with AccuraOnline allowed us to streamline our administrative processes and ensure that work was passed to the relevant department for production very quickly. There were no more headaches in trying to track down the correct quote or marry up a purchase order number – raising the necessary job sheet and paperwork was simplified considerably.

What benefits/new business has having web-to-print brought you?

By being able to demonstrate efficiencies and an easy process for our clients, Formara has gained new contracts which require online ordering.


We have added to our portfolio of clients ordering online to include a large print on demand contract and several contracts where the final product is personalised using the Accura Online variable data options.


Formara has most recently added three B2C domains to our online portfolio. Two of these domains are being utilised for one of our largest clients to provide a brochure ordering service for their dealerships/franchises. These sites allow the dealership to add their own contact details to the brochures they require and to pay by credit card via PayPal. Each new dealership that signs up to our system becomes a new client who will receive regular marketing and has the potential work more closely with Formara.

It is our intention to expand our offering to provide a real B2C environment for general print publications via the remaining domain. We expect this to attract further new clients and new business opportunities to Formara.


Has the return on investment been achieved?


By maintain existing contracts and adding new clients to our online ordering systems, Formara has achieved a good ROI. By continuing to offer new clients the ability to use our system we can keep our costs under control within our Customer Service Team and allow the guys in that department to concentrate on the more complex work we produce.

Other comments


Using Accura, Accura Online, courier integration and Sage accounts integration gives us a complete end-to-end package that generally works very well.

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