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Natasha Thomas, Founder

SA61 2LH


Installed: May 2013

Mobad founder and MD Natasha Thomas gives us her reasons for choosing Accura and the positive financial impact it's had for her Haverfordwest company...

What was the situation before Accura was installed?

We’d used another industry specific quoting program since the business was formed in 2000.

It was ok but as the business grew, I didn’t feel as though the program was able to grow with us – it felt a bit small and there were elements of it that weren’t accurate enough.

Why did you start looking for an MIS?

My business is all about quality and customer service. I wanted to find something that would not only work along side our quality management system but also something that would enable us to keep our clients well informed throughout the production process, right through to despatch without taking up too much staff time.

What prompted you to look at Accura?

I was visiting a friend’s business in Reading – we’ve been mutual clients of each-others for years and job management software came up in conversation. He gave me a quick demo of Accura and explained how it worked – instantly I could tell it was much better than our current system so decided to look at it a bit closer and arrange a demo.

Why did you ultimately decide to choose Accura?

After having the demo, the software was the main factor in deciding to switch but the whole DDS package contributed too. They were much more professional in their approach, the support setup seemed better and the commitment to software updates and development was reassuring too.

Over the last few years I had looked at a couple of alternatives but the Accura guys were really good, it was nice to deal with people who who have worked in and understand the industry and not pushy sales people!

What impact has Accura had on your business?

We have just had our first full years accounts back since installing the system and our gross profit for the period has increased by 11.4%.

When the software was installed and we were having our training, Ivan was getting us to check quotes on the old system and compare prices. Many things were coming out at a similar rate but there was one area that was massively different, we checked and double-checked and it soon became apparent that the system we were using was letting us down in this area and we were actually making a loss.


Would you recommend Accura to other printers?

I think I’d ask yourself a question; are any areas of your current system that you have to manually tweak to get the price you think you need to charge? If yes then it’s time to change.

And if you’re still quoting everything by hand, it’s a no-brainer!

What plans, if any, do you have to expand the system?

We’ve bought the CRM module too but not really had much opportunity to work with that yet. We have new staff starting soon so I’m aiming to get stuck in with the marketing and grow the business further.

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