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Paul Bellamy - Managing Director

Level 1, Unit 102, 27 Mars Road
Lane Cove
NSW 2066


Installed: May 2006

What was the situation before Accura was installed? 

Previously all our processes were manual. As our business grew, this manual operation just could not keep pace - this introduced bottlenecks. As our name suggests, we pride ourselves on hitting deadlines, so this was threatening to impact on us.

Why did you start looking for an MIS System?

We decided we needed an MIS system to improve on our business efficiencies. We spent time and effort with a local MIS supplier developing a system for our print management business which was unsuccessful. In fact this development was incomplete and never used for our business.

What prompted you to look at Accura? 

I discovered Accura’s website which was appealing and then took action.


Why did you ultimately decide to choose Accura?

Accura was presented to our business in a professional manner and met all of our requirements.


How has Accura improved business for you?

Accura has dramatically improved our business efficiency, which has meant we can take on a greater capacity of work with ease.


We have been working with Accura for over one year now without any issues whatsoever. It took me only three months to customize Accura to our business requirements and incorporate it into our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance processes.



The support we’ve received from Accura has been outstanding. Once we rolled out Accura it proved to be very easy to train other staff to a competent level. Accura is simple and user friendly.


Would you recommend Accura to other printers?

Wholeheartedly - that goes without saying!

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