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Phil Brady, Co-director

268 Nuneaton St


G40 3DX


Installed: February 2006

DDS have been particularly impressive on

the support side...

What was the situation before Accura was installed?

Our accounts were produced using Sage, all quotes were completed manually and e-mailed back generally with 
little specification attached with them. We had a database work-ticket module which we had developed which was fairly basic.

Why did you start looking for an MIS System?

Our quotes were taking too long and lacked detail we felt they were not as professional as they could be. All quotes were being done by the two sales staff and increasingly, they were working full time quoting and not out selling to new business. The main problem we had was recording all the work going through the business, hand writing invoices, for entry into Sage, no way of tying up quote-to-works order-to-invoice.

What prompted you to look at Accura?

We saw a few MIS systems at a Digital Expo in Earls Court and asked for a demo from a few suppliers including Accura and two others.

Why did you ultimately decide to choose Accura?

We were able to rule out one system fairly quickly on cost and then we took the decision down to two suppliers.
Accura fitted better in the cost vs. features comparison and we were worried about on-going costs jumping with the other supplier.The demonstrations were quite complex and it can be difficult to see the differences between suppliers, however we were suitably impressed by Accura’s pitch. As with any decision, it was about weighing up the cost and quality of product. We have however never regretted our choice.

How has Accura improved business for you?

The installation process can seem complex however if you follow the guide you are given step-by-step it comes 
together in the end. Steve, our installer was very patient with us, he can see how it all fits together, however at times we couldn’t, but if you follow the install handbook you will have no problems.  The install took 3 days and this was enough to get our costs and hourly rates loaded and to be producing accurate estimates.

We now have one person doing all the estimating which has freed up two members of staff to move to sales-based 
activities. We look more professional and have full reporting at our finger tips. We grow year on year as a business however, Accura has made the last increase less painful to manage. We recently installed a B3 52-5 Colour Heidelberg 
Speedmaster in our new build factory. Accura helped with this decision - we setup a dummy machine and ran some quotes, it helped us to have confidence in what we were doing.

Would you recommend Accura to other printers?

DDS have been particularly impressive on the support-side, we have full confidence they will find fixes to problems - generally there-and-then over the phone.

At the start we had more problems, however this was just our inexperience and not the system itself. We have increased our business without the usual worries of have I done this? or did I write that down? We work different shifts and still everyone knows what work is to be completed and allows us to invoice the job as soon as the system shows it has been delivered.

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