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Accura360 v6.30 Build 7 - Official release

3rd January 2024 - Accura v6.30 Build 7 is ready for launch.

"So what happened to Build6?" - I hear you cry.

Well, over Christmas we made a couple of minor changes and fixes based on feedback from our Beta-testers (no rest for the wicked). So because of that, our internal systems require us to re-package it as "Build7"

(So we don't lose track of what's-what... it's an "IT thing", just go with it).

Fundamentally Build7 IS the same as the Build6 version in terms of new features we've already publicised on our LinkedIn Group - the highlights being:

  • Theme selection - switch colour themes for Accura including Dark-mode, grey, red, blue, green and more... then customize to your taste. This is the FIRST step in our UI overhaul (watch this space for more changes to come).

  • Multi drop deliveries - Now supported for multi-line product orders - it's pretty cool

  • Easy invoice-export - (If you don't have AccuraSync that is)... Now you can export sales-invoices & purchase-invoices directly from their respective browses (no need to run up impex.exe)

  • Copy PO items - Duplicate items on a PO easily using the new Copy button

  • Multiple reported bug-fixes and enhancements - check the "Release notes" document

🎞 Watch the overview video here

📖 Read the "What's New" pdf here

📖 Read the full "Release Notes" pdf here

If you have a valid support agreement, this upgrade is FREE - you will receive an email from us with download and installation instructions. BUT, you will need to contact support for the installer password.

(That's a "security thing"... we don't want any undesirables getting their hands on it!)


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