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COMING SOON IN Accura v6.30 Build 6 - Theme selection

Ever wanted to run Accura in a dark theme not the typical silver/white?... Or perhaps you like blues, greens, reds, or purples?

You may have noticed a lot of business applications now giving you the choice of a light or dark themes... according to our taste. A dark theme can reduce eye-strain by cutting down on "screen glare" - if you are exposed to a computer monitor all day.

In Accura v6.30 Build6 you will be able to select different themes for the application to suit your taste - this will change the colour scheme for buttons, toolbars, tabs, window background etc... with one click.

This will affect Accura, CRM, RDC, and WebConsole.

This is the first stage in our UI overhaul, which will see a whole NEW method of navigation/menus in Accura v7 early next year.


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